New regulations for commercial drones went into effect last August, adding more steps required for media or surveying companies to get off the ground.

But changes by the Federal Aviation Administration haven’t slowed the growing $6-billion industry or caused local film producers to put their aerial shots on the back burner.

In addition to registering their drones with the FAA, pilots must now shell out a few hundred dollars to take a UAV (Unmanned Aircraft Vehicles) pilot’s certification test if they intend to fly for commercial purposes.

Newly clarified restrictions for commercial use tend to be less arduous. Among them, operators are required to fly no higher than 400 feet and no faster than 100 miles an hour. Flying drones at night, over people, near airports and stadiums or out of one’s line of sight is prohibited as well.

However, pilots can now also pay $250 for waivers that allow for activities such as night flying or higher altitude shots …

Local filmmakers go all-in on drone technology

The Business Journal (Fresno, CA) | July 31, 2017

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