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The NYPD planned to use drones during Times Square New Year’s Eve celebration. Then it started raining.

Before they pack into Times Square on Monday night, thousands of New Year’s Eve revelers will pass through the kind of intensive security measures that are normally found inside the nation’s airports. While the crowd will probably be keenly aware … Continue reading

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Is Our Airspace Safe? Why Counter Drone Technology is Necessary

Drone technology is pushing the limits of everything from wildlife photography to home security, giving civilians the ability to explore higher and farther without any license or training. Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are here to stay, and that means our … Continue reading

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Controversial bill allowing authorities to shoot down private drones heads to the president’s desk

The US government will soon have authority to shoot down private drones considered a threat. Following a House vote in April, the Senate this week passed the FAA Reauthorization Act, which renews funding for the Federal Aviation Administration until 2023. … Continue reading

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‘Never, ever try to shoot at a drone.’ Neighborhoods buzz with complaints over pesky drones

Neighborhood message boards are buzzing with complaints that drones, more popular than ever for work and play, just won’t back off. Users here of the local social network Nextdoor for months have been stewing about these small, flying vehicles, which … Continue reading

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