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New NASA technology to help drones land safely

NASA scientists have developed a new software that will help drones automatically spot the best places to crash-land in case of an emergency, without hurting anyone on the ground. Increasing numbers of drones in the sky raises the risk to … Continue reading

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How drone swarms could help protect us from tornadoes

Tornadoes tore through much of the Midwest and Southern U.S. this weekend. More than a dozen people were killed, and the trails of destruction stretch from Texas to Maryland. Tornadoes aren’t just dangerous because of their sheer power: they’re also … Continue reading

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Federal regulations governing drone use are so far keeping the loftiest fantasies from becoming reality. New rules could change that.

Colleges are eager to put drones to use both inside and outside the classroom, but federal agencies and university risk managers are taking a cautious approach before opening the airspace above college campuses. Drones (also known by the more technical … Continue reading

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Drone dogfight shows what happens when unmanned swarms collide

Two drone swarms took to the skies above a National Guard facility in California earlier this year to study the future of aerial warfare. No shots were fired, but the friendly dogfight gave researchers the first data on live engagement … Continue reading

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