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Hartford, Conn., Wants Oversight of Police Drones, Other Tech

City leaders are reviewing a proposal that would outline new rules for agencies around surveillance methods, including unmanned aerial devices, license plate readers, body cameras and other tools … http://www.govtech.com/policy/Hartford-Conn-Wants-Oversight-of-Police-Drones-Other-Tech.html GovTech.com | Nov. 13, 2018

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Chula Vista Police Department Using Drones to Improve Emergency Response

Drone telepresence leader Cape and the Chula Vista Police Department announced Thursday that Cape-enabled drones will officially be implemented into daily emergency response missions. The unmanned aerial vehicles will be deployed for use in Chula Vista 10 hours per day, … Continue reading

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New drones used in rescue efforts: High-tech equipment has speed, safety benefits

A new type of life-saving equipment is being used by the Columbus Fire Department when responding to certain types of rescue calls. The department’s unmanned aerial vehicles, better known as drones, were deployed about three weeks ago when a 9-year-old … Continue reading

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Portsmouth council OKs purchase of drone by Police Dept.

The Police Department can now move forward to purchase its first drone after the City Council voted unanimously to approve a grant of almost $70,000 to pay for the device. Police Chief Robert Merner said the $69,638 grant from Homeland … Continue reading

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