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How can drones power the offshore oil and gas operations?

The current methods of locating, detecting and surveying leaks in rugged, remote offshore oil and gas locations can be cost-prohibitive and inefficient because of shutdowns and with safety being the utmost priority for offshore ventures, the employees have to work … Continue reading

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UAV Carries out Extensive Inspection of Railroad Truss Bridge

Two teams of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) operators from AirShark and Unmanned Experts recently came together to conduct a complete, detailed inspection of New York State’s Tusten Station Railroad Bridge, located over the Delaware River … https://unmanned-aerial.com/uav-carries-extensive-inspection-railroad-truss-bridge Unmanned Aerial | … Continue reading

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Local home inspector uses drone technology to zone in on property problem areas

Sam Herndon recently detected a cracked capstone atop a chimney during a home inspection for a potential buyer. That in itself didn’t make it a notable discovery. It wasn’t his first such find. Rather it was the location of the … Continue reading

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Instead of Purchasing Drones, El Paso County, Colo., Looks to Private Sector to Implement UAVs

With drones, government officials can zoom through rugged canyons in search of missing hikers, hover over charred landscapes to assess wildfire damage and float above roads and bridges for inspection. Like many other public agencies across the country, El Paso … Continue reading

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