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Georgetown Police Department Uses Drones to Locate Suspects, Perform Search and Rescues

The Georgetown Police Department (GPD) in Kentucky has been using drones to find missing persons, locate stolen vehicles and suspects fleeing from crime scenes, and document infrastructural failures. According to News-Graphic, the primary motivation to purchase the aerial equipment was … Continue reading

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How Gangs are Using Drones to Disrupt Law Enforcement

Gangs are continually adapting their skillsets to counter law enforcement efforts. For example, as outlined in my book, “The Gang Life Laugh Now Cry Later: Suppression and Prevention,” gangs have sent their members into the military to gain tactical skillsets. … Continue reading

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Meds by drone! (Maybe): Flirtey, Reno picked for national UAV pilot program

The city of Reno and Flirtey are on the fast track for drone testing after being picked for a federal pilot program. The city and the Reno-based drone company were selected as one of 10 applicants out of more than … Continue reading

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Can We Prevent a Drone Terror Attack?

The uncontrolled market in toy or hobbyist drones makes their future use in a domestic terrorist attack “likely,” says a researcher and lecturer on drone warfare. But it will still require sophisticated technical skills to deploy them effectively, according to … Continue reading

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