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Appeals Court Strikes Down FAA Registry of Recreational Drones

Federal rules requiring owners to register recreational drones with the government are illegal, and only Congress can fix them, a federal appeals court has ruled. The Federal Aviation Administration issued rules in October 2015 requiring registration of drones — or … Continue reading

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Air Traffic Control Rules For Drones Are Coming

By 2020, an estimated 7 million drones could be zipping around the country delivering packages, taking photos, inspecting infrastructure or conducting search and rescue missions. But before that happens, they’ll need a system in place to avoid crashing into each … Continue reading

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Pending SF policy could let city agencies launch drones

Five San Francisco agencies, including the fire, port and parks departments, could start flying drones under a set of rules that a city committee is expected to approve Friday. The Committee on Information Technology’s proposed drone policy focuses on privacy … Continue reading

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Federal regulations governing drone use are so far keeping the loftiest fantasies from becoming reality. New rules could change that.

Colleges are eager to put drones to use both inside and outside the classroom, but federal agencies and university risk managers are taking a cautious approach before opening the airspace above college campuses. Drones (also known by the more technical … Continue reading

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