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What Elaine Chao as Transportation secretary could mean for commercial drone use

They don’t transport people around, but drones would fall under Elaine Chao’s purview if President-elect Donald Trump’s nominee is confirmed as secretary of Transportation. In the role, Chao — who was Labor secretary under George W. Bush — would oversee … Continue reading

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Nevada officials help develop defense systems against drone threats

Nevada drone experts have finished a Federal Aviation Administration operation in Denver to develop the counter unmanned systems industry, which is the development of defense systems against drone threats. “Right now airports do not have a radar that can effectively … Continue reading

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US Government Tied in Legal Knot Over Drone Countermeasures at Nuclear Sites

The Pentagon, the Department of Energy and other government entities are all concerned about the threat commercial unmanned aerial systems (UAS) could pose to nuclear sites, but a tangle of legal issues means a solution is still a ways off. … Continue reading

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Drone problem may not be as bad as everyone thinks

A new report suggests that drone pilots are now flying more responsibly amid heightened public concerns over the dangers of the unmanned aerial vehicles. The Academy of Model Aeronautics analyzed FAA data and found that even as drone sales surge, … Continue reading

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