‘Never, ever try to shoot at a drone.’ Neighborhoods buzz with complaints over pesky drones

Neighborhood message boards are buzzing with complaints that drones, more popular than ever for work and play, just won’t back off.

Users here of the local social network Nextdoor for months have been stewing about these small, flying vehicles, which often carry cameras, accusing them of snooping or maybe casing the joint. They wonder if it’s legal to fight back, say by lassoing the pesky vehicle flying outside their window – or even shooting it down with a potato gun. (In most cases, it’s not.)

Oakland resident Katy O’Neill goes as far as blaming it for shattering her dining room window. “I went outside to look for a dead bird or a ball or something. I didn’t see anything like that, but what I did see was a drone hovering high above my house,” she said over direct message …


USA Today | Sept. 3, 2018

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