OVPD begins work with unmanned aerial vehicles

The tech buzz around Oro Valley may soon fall from the sky instead of gossip. The Oro Valley Police Department is soon rolling out its new drone program after months of planning. The drones can serve in search-and-rescue missions throughout the desert, crime scene remapping, aerial observing at large venues and disaster response (particularly during monsoon season).

“It’s not a replacement for manned aviation, but it’s a great tool.” said OVPD Lt. John Teachout.

This project has been in the works for six months. At the end of last September, the Oro Valley Music Festival brought a crowd of 7,000 to town. Looking for new, efficient ways to oversee the event, OVPD enlisted the help of the Sahuarita Police Department’s drone for crowd viewing and control …


Tucson Local Media | March 7, 2018

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