These Power Line-Stringing Drones Are Restoring Power in Puerto Rico

The mountainous area of Ponce, Puerto Rico has posed quite the challenge for local officials attempting to restore power in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria. The storm left residents powerless for four months, and while efforts by companies such as AT&T have been made elsewhere on the island, this particular region has been an uphill battle.

Cabling power lines through the thick woodlands is difficult for boots on the ground, but Duke Energy began approaching the challenge from an aerial perspective in January. The energy company is now using unmanned aerial vehicles to traverse the more than 1,000 feet gorges of Ponce, and string vital power lines across in order to return power back to the area.

According to Fast Company, Duke Energy simply rigs a drone with a lightweight nylon cord and a 3-D printed magnet. Once the UAV covers its assigned ground and is in position, it releases the cord, allowing for workers on the ground to fasten a more durable cord in place …

The Drive | Feb. 28, 2018


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