San Diego can’t afford to wing it on drones

The city of San Diego is facing a new challenge from the skies — what to do about “drones” or “unmanned aerial vehicles” (UAVs), the small, aerial devices that weigh less than 55 pounds and typically fly below 400 feet. Reportedly more than 1 million drones are now being marketed nationwide, for commercial users and hobbyists, either online or at your local big box retail outlet.

That’s a million robo-copters — soon to be buzzing over local schools, parks, pedestrian streets and communities across the U.S. The question is: How should this new wave of mini-aviators be regulated, and by whom? In the next few weeks, the San Diego City Council will vote on whether to approve a proposed drone ordinance that has already been endorsed by its public safety committee …

San Diego Union-Tribune | March 16, 2017

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