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Coming Soon to a Front Porch Near You: Package Delivery Via Drone

After lagging behind other countries for years, commercial drones in the U.S. are expected to begin limited package deliveries within months, according to federal regulators and industry officials … https://www.wsj.com/articles/coming-soon-to-a-front-porch-near-you-package-delivery-via-drone-1520798822 The Wall Street Journal | March 11, 2018

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Amazon, Google, Others Are Developing Private Air-Traffic Control for Drones

The commercial drone industry wants to create a privately funded and operated air-traffic control network, separate from the current federal system, to enable widespread operations at low altitudes … https://www.wsj.com/articles/amazon-google-others-are-developing-private-air-traffic-control-for-drones-1520622925 The Wall Street Journal | March 9, 2018

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Can Edible Drones Deliver Humanitarian Aid?

People trapped in war-torn or disaster-ravaged areas desperately need food and medical supplies. But how do you get it to them? Nigel Gifford thinks he has an answer: an edible drone. Gifford, founder and chairman of two-year-old Windhorse Aerospace, based … Continue reading

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The Dream of Drone Delivery Just Became Much More Real

Using unmanned aerial vehicles for door-to-door deliveries seemed like a laughable pipe dream when Amazon tossed out the fanciful idea on 60 Minutes in December 2013. But some very important people didn’t find the concept so far-fetched. Behind the scenes … Continue reading

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