Deloitte to develop urban air mobility plan for NASA

Big Four firm Deloitte has landed a one-year contract from NASA to develop a concept of operations (ConOps) for urban air mobility (UAM). The contract is part of a wider NASA project focusing on the development and introduction of air vehicles like passenger drones and flying taxis into the US transportation system.

Unmanned aerial systems (UAS) are a rapidly developing technology, unlocking new applications and insights across industry verticals – from the monitoring of crops to the surveillance of facilities and delivery of packages.

But drones, as they’re colloquially known, also have a “manned” future, with “guy in the sky” applications such as automated flying taxis. Between artificial intelligence and aerial passenger drones, a lot of science fiction is becoming science reality. Chinese firm Ehang unveiled the first passenger drone in 2016, and Boeing’s self-piloted passenger drone completed its first test flight earlier this year. Uber, meanwhile, aims to have aerial drone passenger service by 2023 … | June 18, 2019

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