A swarm of drones used by criminal gang to ruin an FBI hostage raid

Last winter an FBI hostage rescue team had set up an elevated observation post to monitor an unfolding situation in a large U.S. city. Right after they had set up they heard the sound of small aerial vehicles flying around them. Joe Mazel, head of agency’s operational technology law unit told attendees of the AUVSI Xponential conference that the small drones made a series of high-speed low pass at the agents in the observation post to flush them.”

The criminal gang was successful in their attempt and Mazel continues to say that “We were then blind. Without the situational awareness, “it definitely presented some challenges.”

During one of the AUVSI’s sessions on Wednesday, Mazel declined to provide more information about the incident, saying that it remains “law-enforcement sensitive”. He added that the suspects had brought the drones to the area in anticipation of the FBI’s arrival …

A swarm of drones used by criminal gang to ruin an FBI hostage raid

Drone DJ | May 4, 2018

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