Drones likely to be regulated by state, city governments in 2019

Drones likely will generate more interest and concern in 2019, as their fliers find new uses for the unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and state and city governments apply more scrutiny to regulate those uses.

A light rain grounded the New York Police Department’s plans to deploy drones for the first time to monitor crowds during the city’s annual New Year’s Eve festivities in Times Square.

But the attention generated by the NYPD’s drone announcement is indicative of the wide-ranging debate about the devices with regard to privacy rights and public safety.

Aviation policy experts say laws and regulations on drones will evolve as the technology transforms all manner of commerce, from farmers using UAVs to create 3D soil analysis maps and real estate agents providing prospective home buyers with bird’s eye views of neighborhoods to retailers delivering goods and news outlets collecting data with drones …


Washington Times | Jan. 1, 2019

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