Missouri prisons would become no-drone zones amid worries of aerial contraband drops

Pilots flying drones too close to a state prison could end up in state prison if one Missouri Republican’s proposed legislation were signed into law.

State Sen. Denny Hoskins’ bill would create the crime of “unlawful use of unmanned aircraft near a correctional center,” which would be a Class A misdemeanor punishable by up to one year in prison. Hoskins, of Warrensburg, presented the legislation to a Senate committee on Monday.

“Across our country drones have introduced items such as drugs, cellphones, knifes, razors, et cetera, into correctional centers,” Hoskins said. “These incidents jeopardize the safety of correctional centers and increase fear for prison officials of the possibility of a loaded weapon being dropped into a prison” …


Webster County Citizen | Feb. 4, 2019

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