Teleoperated Drones Help Police Tailor Responses

The police department in Chula Vista, California, is pushing the cutting edge. If successful, it will help nudge the boundary of where drones can fly past the limits set by what a pilot can see,toward a future where drones can simply go where they are needed, no matter the operator’s location.

The city is a member of the San Diego Integration Pilot Program (IPP), an effort supported by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) that aims to tap the creativity of industry, local governments and the public to test new drone applications. The three-fold goal is to prove the value of drones to the citizenry, hammer the kinks out of real-world operations and speed the integration of unmanned aircraft into the national airspace by using IPP test data to fuel rule-making …

Teleoperated Drones Help Police Tailor Responses

Inside Unmanned Systems | Aug. 26, 2019

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