Travelers offers some help from above for hurricane victims

It is a new approach to helping their customers and “learning on the fly” was part of the education at Travelers Insurance Windsor campus, also known as Claim University.

For the past year, Travelers has taken to the skies using drones, using the unmanned aerial vehicles to assess damages and provide a birds eye view in hard to reach places. “We’ve trained more than 200 drone operators since the FAA’s new regulations went into effect last year,” said Patrick Gee, a senior claims vice president at Travelers. “We’ve flown almost four thousand flights in almost every state around the country,” Gee added.

A group of 14 Travelers employees — part of their Catastrophe Response Team — were busy on the company grounds in Windsor learning the ins and out, the ups and downs, of flying a drone …

Travelers offers some help from above for hurricane victims

Fox 61 (Hartford, CT) | Aug. 29, 2017

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