Wichita Police Buy Drone and Navigate Public Privacy Concerns

The police in Wichita, Kansas are facing a conundrum countless other law enforcement and public safety groups are facing across the United States these days, namely, how cut costs and increase efficiency by implementing unmanned aerial vehicles, while retaining the public trust to not aerially invade the privacy of its citizens.

According to The Wichita Eagle, the Wichita Police Department is purchasing a drone intended for crash-site monitoring, SWAT scenarios, and securing the nine-day Riverfest celebration from any potential threats. Naturally, citizens are already reading between the lines and considering what a breach of these stated intentions could mean for the future of their privacy and state of law and order. At least that was the focus on behalf of the Citizen Review Board last week, which questioned police Capt. Doug Nolte and his department about the newly-proposed drone policy …


The Drive | July 3, 2018

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